Bronson charity art auction for Lost Vegas "only mad men crawl" collaboration

So as you may know the CALM Charity decided not to endorse our collaboration with Charles Bronson and cannot  take the proceeds from the record directly so Lost Vegas will make a private donation to your fave mental health charity instead.  Please comment below where you think it should go. 

We are also auctioning off an original Charles Salvador aka Bronson piece of art. This piece below is up for auction and will be the original and NOT a print. This is a one off piece specifically drawn for the "only mad men crawl" single release as you can see contains Lost Vegas within it. 

Some of Charles art has fetched up to 4000 sterling in charity auctions and you can see more of his art available to buy as prints here in his gallery   . Please note this piece you are bidding on will be the original NOT a print and there is only one. We will set a reserve price of 300 sterling as this item is likely to be worth a lot more in years to come for one lucky owner. 

Please but your BID in the comments below along with your preferred charity and good luck !

The craziest collaboration in rock history is out Feb 19th and you can Pre Save it on Spotify NOW 

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