1. Losing you

From the recording Mexico EP (deluxe edition)

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I went into town , we were doing the rounds.
She met him in the lounge , they never came back down.
Oooh looks like I'll be losing you.

Used to live next door , I never wanted more. Then he knocked on the door , I'd not seen him before.
Oooh looks like I'll be losing you.

Tik Tok, summer shots I love your movies
Dead drops for big rocks you never knew me.
Mad whip sunset strip yeah we were cruising until full stops and road blocks and kill the music.
Early morning the pink dot yeah get the booze in.
Coco pops yo call the cops and you can tune in.
Cheap shots with Goldilocks business is booming.
Talk shop till 5 O'clock when you were using.

Oooh looks like I'll be losing you